La Fabela Pa La Enmienda, 9a, for Anak Verhoeven

© Javi Pec

Anak Verhoeven has climbed La Fabela Pa La Enmienda (9a), in the Cova Gran, at Santa Linya, Spain.

The route is a classic Santa Linya link-up, first climbing La Fabela (8c+), before continuing up the end of Novena Enmienda (9a+). The route is fifty-five metres in length, and is one of just a few routes that climbs the entire height of the cave.

Whilst the route was bolted by Dani Andrada, is was Edu Marin who made the first ascent in 2008, with Andrada making the second ascent on the very same day. 

The route is one of Santa Linya's more sought after lines, and has seen ascents from numerous climbers, including Tom Bolger and Alex Barrows, in 2012 and 2023 respectively.

Tom Bolger fighting his way to victory on another 9a - Fabela pa la enmienda  © Lynne Malcolm
Tom Bolger fighting his way to victory on another 9a - Fabela pa la enmienda
© Lynne Malcolm

It saw its first female ascent at the hands of Mina Markovic in 2015, making her the first Slovenian woman to climb 9a. Compatriot Janja Garnbret, who was watching on at the time, returned to make her own ascent of the route in 2018.

Verhoeven's ascent is far from her first success at Santa Linya, or even on the holds that make up this route. In 2017, in addition to climbing La Fabela (8c+), she made the first ascent of Ciudad de Dios pa la Enmienda, a link up of Ciudad de Dios (9a+) and Novena Enmienda (9a+), which she graded '9a/++'.

At the time, she described the second part of the route - which is shared with La Fabela Pa La Enmienda - as containing 'several little cruxes with moves that are far and risky for people my size', as well as containing a tense final section, where she had to put all her weight into a high dropknee on a polished foothold just before clipping the chain.

Verhoeven on Ciudad de Dios pa la Enmienda, '9a/++'.

Speaking on Instagram, Verhoeven said:

'An absolute classic in the Santa Linya cave, and a nice line to climb'.

'This send feels like a personal victory toward the end of this climbing trip after several morale underminers the past month, in particular a sudden back problem'.

'Sending this one is encouraging and I'm glad I can simply still climb'.

The ascent is Verhoeven's third at 9a and above in as many months, having climbed both Cosi Se Arete 9a, and a 9a/+ variation of the route - De Battre Mon Coeur s'est Arrété - in Rodellar in October. 

Verhoeven now has twelve ascents at 9a and above to her name. 

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