WINNERS: 30 Survival Kits from Adventure Medical Kits To Win

The thirty winners are:

John Self, Rob Skinner, Tim Hamlet, Nicola Williams, Phil Robinson, Ashley Jack Southward, Martin Lee, Patrick Poland, Adam Griffin, Michal Sylla, Chris Brooks, Jon Hubbard, Harry Pymont, Glynn Bibby, Tom Withers, Stephen Merchant, Ian Campbell, Emma Ross, Paul Collins, Timothy Elson, Alan Royle, Max Railing, Graeme Hammond, Kamil Jutkiewicz, Alex Moore, Luke Robinson, Jordon Fleming, James Colville-Hyde, Benjamin Blairs, and Tim Barlow.

Each win a 30 SOL Origin Survival Kit.

SOL Origin. Survival Kit from Adventure Medical Kits #1, 150 kb

We have 30 SOL Origins, the survival kit from Adventure Medical Kits up for grabs. The heart of the Origin™ is its ABS-plastic waterproof case, which contains an array of key survival tools, including TinderQuik firestarting tinder, 150lb-test braided nylon cord, mil-spec stainless steel wire, and an emergency sewing and fishing kit. And, for those unfamiliar with wilderness survival, backcountry expert Buck Tilton's survival instructions contain over 60 survival techniques and strategies.

SOL Origin. Survival Kit from Adventure Medical Kits , 121 kb
SOL Origin. Survival Kit from Adventure Medical Kits
© Burton McCall
SOL Origin. Survival Kit from Adventure Medical Kits #4, 32 kb
SOL Origin. Survival Kit from Adventure Medical Kits #4
© Burton McCall

However, the body of the case is really what sets the Origin™ apart - integrated into the lid is a flip-up Rescue Flash signal mirror with retroreflective aiming aid. Flip the case over, and find the one-hand-operable Fire Lite firestarter, as well as a removable liquid-damped compass. Finally, secured in a button-release slot is a fully-functional folding blade knife, with a 100db rescue whistle and ultra-bright LED light integrated into the knife handle. The AUS-8 drop-point blade has been designed for the precision cutting you need during survival emergencies, and it excels at slicing, whittling, and any task where blade control is essential.

Put it in your rucksack pocket and it is there when you need it.

This competition has now closed.

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- Competition closes on 1st September at 09.00 GMT.
- The winners will be notified by email.
- Prizes will only be posted to a UK or Ireland address.
- The winners' names will be announced on UKC/UKH and

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