The Marmot "On Sight" Film Clip Competition

Exclusive Preview of the Posing Productions film ON SIGHT, due out October. Subject: Pete Robins and Strawberries. We have an article about Strawberries by's Editor, Jack Geldard, in September.

"It's March 1980, 28 years ago, Tremadog is very much 'in vogue'. Think Adidas tracksuits, 3/4 length tights, EB's and huge chalk bags. If you've got an orange vest to wear over your T-shirt, all the better. The race for the first ascent of Strawberries is on and Ron Fawcett is in the lead. "

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To celebrate MARMOT becoming the presenting sponsor of the Posing Productions eagerly awaited new climbing flick ON SIGHT they've teamed up with ( are also a sponsor of ON SIGHT along with Planet Fear and the BMC) to launch an exclusive new clip from the film and help us run our first ever film competition. There are more than £1,000 worth of MARMOT prizes on offer with the added bonus that if the winning films are considered good enough, they have the chance of appearing on the DVD release of ON SIGHT..

Embracing the explosion in popularity of the video camcorder and the youtube phenomena this competition could be the first step of a new career in Hollywood, or more likely done just for shear creative joy, sharing your adventures and for the fun of it, with a chance of winning over £1,000 worth of Marmot gear

Full details of this competition - below.

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The Marmot "On Sight" Film Clip Competition

Another great competition hosted by this time presented by Marmot UK. As usual, this is a creative competition: we have had a writing competition, design competition, a photographic competition and now it's time for a film competition, our first. The Marmot prizes are substantial.

First Prize: £500 of Marmot Gear

Two Second Prizes: of £250.00 of Marmot Gear

And as usual: everyone who enters gets a spot prize.

In addition, winning entries stand a chance of featuring as an extra on the new Posing Production's DVD, ON Sight.

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What You Have To Do?

The embed code is circled in red. Copy that and paste it in the submit article form.

Film or have filmed a short climbing or mountaineering clip, it could be of your mate leading or even a short piece acted by a whole troupe of climbers, the brief is wide open, it could be a clip of beautiful mountain scene with an environmental theme, the ascent of a boulder problem, a fall, or a funny sketch. It's up to you, but it must be your own work.

Clip Length and Subject

Your clip must be no longer than five minutes, although Alastair Lee of Posing Productions recommends 2 minutes and says, " try and edit your clip with cuts, chatting and music!"

You have to upload your clip to a video sharing website, Youtube, Veoh or Vimeo, then send us the 'embed code' at the submit an article page, with your name address and telephone number. (SELECT THE COMPETITION CATEGORY)

As this is the first video competition we thought we would leave the brief open to encourage as many entries as possible. The next video competition will be themed.

However, Alastair Lee continues, "be creative and have a go at editing something with a powerful message or strong narrative, above all emotion is key! Bring us something real!"

Once you've got your film in the can, or pixels on a hard drive, you have then to upload your video clip to, or Opening an account, if you haven't got one, is easy, as is uploading your video. Create your YouTube Account:

If you already have a clip uploaded you can enter that.

How To Submit Your Clip?

Once your clip is uploaded, copy the embed code and send it via the submit article page, give your film a title, add your name, address and telephone number and the embed code (see example on the right): submit here SELECT THE COMPETITION CATEGORY

Every entry will be published at

This is what you should have in the submit article form: name, address, telephone number, clip title and the embed code.

Copyright of all submitted video clips will remain with the person who created the video.

Judges are Hugh Harris of Marmot UK , award winning filmmaker Alastair Lee of Posing Productions and Mick Ryan of

Closing Date: 31st October 2008

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