COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Montane Ultra Alpine 38 +5 pack.

WINNER: Franco Cookson

The bi-product of extensive testing and design input between Montane and international climbing legend Andy Kirkpatrick, the Ultra Alpine 38 +5 pack is a serious piece of kit.

Described by Andy Kirkpatrick as: '...highly specialised and niche, a real climbers pack...'

Designed to be a technical pack for long alpine climbs, it was developed and constructed in keeping with Andy's - and Montane's - design philosophies. The pack is stripped back to its most efficient minimum; everything you definitely need, nothing you don't; light, but still tough.

Its stripped-back nature allows for a very high standard of construction for its price of £150. Using Dimension Polyant® VX-21 fabric in the main body, it is ultra lightweight yet exceptionally tough and strong. Featureing a superb DWR and tear and abrasion resistance. This also keeps it light, at 615g.

Its large wide mouth pack opening with roll-top dry bag closure for extra storm protection and fast access to gear. Featuring an additional 5 litre pull out roll-top extension with a 'Cord Lord' quick release mechanism, allowing for overpacking during insertion hikes.

Further reinforcing its lightweight and rugged utility, the Ultra Alpine 38 +5 features tough metal components throughout that are glove and mitt friendly.

To be in with a chance of winning the Montane Ultra Alpine 38 +5 simply answer the question below:

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12 Apr, 2018

What's an "insertion hike"? 

12 Apr, 2018

I read it as referring to big walk ins where you need the pack to temporarily carry extra gear that you'll then stash before starting the actual climb.

12 Apr, 2018

That makes sense. 

12 Apr, 2018

It's where you abseil out of your attack helicopter as it hovers above the cross on the floor and go for a hike.

12 Apr, 2018
That's what I'd pictured too.   Covert insertion under cover of darkness > assault the target using nightvision goggles and air support > kill the terrorist head honcho > release the hostages > go and climb a 3 pitch VS, but DNF because Dave got pumped after reaching the second belay stance after losing blood from that enemy grenade > sack it off and go  to the pub. 
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