COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Thermarest Oberon Sleeping Bag

WINNER: John McKenna

For over 45 years, Therm-a-Rest has been committed to creating a better way to camp – from technical camping mattresses to sleeping bags, cots, hammocks, tents and more. The brand is offering a new line of Fast & Light sleeping bags in 2018. Built with premium materials and Responsible Down Standard fill, the new bags will allow explorers to rest better while pushing deeper into the backcountry.

For mountaineers and winter explorers expecting frigid temperatures, Therm-a-Rest designed the new Oberon™ 0F/-18C with 800-fill Nikwax hydrophobic down bag to keep you warm and secure at camp. The design team drew on their experiences sleeping outside to maximize the efficiency of the bag with features like Zoned Insulation, ThermaCapture lining and SynergyLink™ connectors. The Oberon is the perfect companion for those that need quality, lightweight and versatile gear for their winter pursuits.

Key features include:

  • 800 Fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down
  • SynergyLink™ Connectors
  • ThermaCapture™ Lining
  • Zoned Insulation
  • Toe-asis™ Foot Warmer Pocket
  • Built and Blanket Loops
  • Weight: 1105g (based on regualr size)

Thermarest are giving one lucky reader the chance to win their own Oberon Sleeping Bag. To enter simply answer the question below.

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3 Sep, 2018

It's worth pointing out for any prospective buyer that the comfort rating is actually -10 degrees, not -18 degrees - that is the comfort limit, i.e. the absolute coldest you'd want to be using the bag in, and not a temperature you'd necessarily be comfortable in anymore. 

3 Sep, 2018

I've added a word in there. Comfort temp is for a "standard women", Comfort Limit Temp is for a "standard man". I'm not sure whether I'm standard enough though....... According to Dr Down:

Comfort temperature. This is where a ‘standard woman’ with relaxed posture is just not feeling cold. If you’re an average woman this is the temperature rating that you should probably pay most attention to. Limit temperature – This is where a ‘standard man’ with curled up posture is just not feeling cold. If you’re an average bloke this is the number that you should perhaps pay the most attention to, and it is the number which most shops and brands make the biggest deal out of. Extreme temperature – This is where risk of health damage to a ‘standard woman’ by hypothermia occurs. This one can basically be ignored unless you have a masochistic bent.