COMPETITION: WINNER - Win the ultimate combination of Ocún Oxi QC and Crack Gloves

WINNER: andrewarmour

Walls, cracks, offwidths, slabs… Do you feel the urge to climb them all? Are you the kind of climber who never cease to being amazed by how many moves and strange body positions our sport forces us to try? We feel it the exactly same way in Ocún and that's why we produce precisely developed and manufactured equipment that will allow you to excel in any style.

Fitting the shoe to the last, 196 kb

In a small town in the heart of Bohemian paradise, surrounded by the beautiful sandstone crags, lies the oldest factory of Ocún climbing shoes. Drawing from 30 years of experience with the craft and building on the strong tradition of climbing in the area, Ocún is now offering the full range of climbing equipment – shoes, harnesses, ropes, carabiners, crack gloves, crash pads, slings, apparel and much more…

UK Climbing recently visited Ocún factory and tested Oxi QC and Crack Gloves whilst climbing here in Bohemian paradise. You can read more about the experience here.

Creating the soles, 121 kb

Radim, Ocun's rope designer, showing the way up the Dragon's Tooth tower, 172 kb

Milan explaining how the shoe is shaped to the last, 145 kb

Images from the recent factory tour + climbing 'experience' on the Czech sandstone

Oxi QC

Oxi QC, 112 kb

Oxi QC is a performance climbing shoe suitable for a wide range of rock activities - sport climbing, bouldering or indoor training. Oxi QC is a shoe for a climber who wants to compete in all disciplines.

Highly rubberised toe-box and slingshot rand give you the ability to perform technical toe-hooks and heel-hooks on any surface. The two piece tongue with two velcro straps in opposing directions make the Oxi QC easy to put on and hold the foot firmly in place. Highly asymmetric and aggressive curvature working in combination with the medium hard mid-sole and sticky sole make this shoe suitable for all types of climbing.

It takes 3 days to manufacture the Oxi QC because it's necessary to wait for the materials to connect with the glue properly. This process can't be rushed if you want to achieve a high level of quality.

Click here to read the UKC review by Kevin Woods.

Crack Gloves

Crack Glove Left, 74 kb

Crack Glove Right, 69 kb

Crack Gloves are made of comfortable stretch microfiber and thin layer of highly adhesive rubber. The Crack Gloves protect the backs of your hands while providing maximum sensitivity and friction when jamming. Their shape is anatomical, they have one fastening Velcro strap covered with the rubber to prevent unfastening even during very hard crack climbing. Crack Gloves are very popular all over the world.

Click here to read the UKC review by Toby Archer.

You can win a pair of Oxi QC and Crack Gloves, if you correctly answer the following question:

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