COMPETITION: WINNERS - Win 1 of 3 Climb On Bundles

Climbing - in general - takes its toll on the skin, but nothing takes it's toll quite as much as Gritstone, Granite and Gabbro (the three G's). Seeing as the upcoming solstice marks the beginning of winter - and the start of what we hope to be the best bouldering conditions of the year - we thought we'd have a giveaway of a Climb On Bundle, consisting of 1 x Mini Bar (0.5oz), 1 x 1oz Bar, 1 x Creme Lite, 1 x Creme.

The Climb On Bundle

Don't end up like this guy!, 70 kb
Don't end up like this guy!
© Rob Greenwood - UKC
When we have conversations about how the climbOn product range fits together, this is how we always summarised it:

Original climbOn Bar
Solid lotion bar, awesome for repairing small, deep wounds, trashed fingertips, etc.

Original climbOn Crème
Thick intense crème that works amazingly well on large and/or sensitive areas such as wounds, big patched of dry skin, great on trashed fingertips, etc. and it takes a little bit of time to soak in.

You are assured to get the same proven, effective, awesome ingredients as the climbOn Crème without the beeswax and aloe vera gel.This is a silky smooth wonderful crème that soaks in quickly and leaves no greasy residue. It comes in a handy, flat screw top tin that is easy to carry and feels good in the hand.

This competition has now closed.

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