Route Freed on the Fisher Towers - 5.12R

by Dougald MacDonald / Jack Geldard Climbing magazine Apr/2009
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Jason Haas and Rob Pizem have free-climbed every pitch of West Side Story on 800-foot Cottontail tower in Utah's Fisher Towers, USA.

Despite a reputation for fairly stout aid climbing (5.9 C3), this is the easiest route on the most serious of the Fishers' four main towers. The route required three 5.12 pitches and two broken bones to free-climb...

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British climbers Ben Bransby and Pete Robins nabbed a coveted first free ascent of the Fisher Towers back in 2005 (UKC News) with their crumbly ascent of The Finger of Fate on the nearby tower The Titan. The Finger of Fate features in the popular book Fifty Classic Climbs of North America (as an aid route).

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This has been read 3,217 times