New 1000m Ice Route is Longest in Austria

by Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC Dec/2009
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Moonwalk - 100m Zillertal Alps, 97 kb
Moonwalk - 100m Zillertal Alps
© Albert Leichtfried
Albert Liechtfried and Benedict Purner climbed a new route on the 3rd of December in the Tirol area of Austria.

Moonwalk (WI 6, M7) is 1000m long and is on the main ridge of the Zillertal Alps between Hoher Warte (2943 m) und Sagwand (3227 m).

Describing the ascent on PlanetMountain, Liechtfried said:

"A combination of a classic rock-climbing wall with serious and difficult mixed. I still can not believe we did it, my dream came true!"

  • Full Report with Photos (German): Klettern
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This has been read 5,806 times