Conny Matthes does another 8A

by Björn Pohl - UKC Mar/2010
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Conny Matthes has repeated the steep, dynamic and cool, Le vent nous portera, 8A, at Chironico. According to Thomas Hocke, she needed 4 tries to succeed. The crux, for most, is a big cross over jump, where you have to hit a big slot, at the same time avoiding to peel all of your skin off on a sharp crystal. It helps to be tall (which I hate to admit as I've done it myself and must confess I'm on the tallish side. Conny isn't though.).
Photo: Conny on Vitruvian man, 7C, just to the left of La Soucoupe, by Thomas Hocke.
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This has been read 1,353 times