Small route on big pebble repeated

by Björn Pohl - UKC Aug/2009
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Ben Bransby and James McHaffie have made the 3rd free ascent of the 450m (14 pitches) Voie Petit on the Grand Capucin (3838m) in the Mont Blanc range. The crux is an 8b nearly forty metre long pitch, up a ninety-degree corner capped by a four metre roof. Arnaud Petit and Stefanie Bodet put up the route in 1997, but were unable to free it, despite doing all the individual moves.Instead, it had to wait until Alex Huber succeeded in 2005. Two years later, Czech climbers Václav ?atava and Du?an Janák did the 2nd ascent.
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Photo courtesy of Climbandmore. Voie Petit is the #12 route.
This has been read 919 times