Onsights etc in Spain

by Björn Pohl - UKC Apr/2009
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16 year old, Johanna Ernst has onsighted the route Santa Linya, 8b, in the Santa Linya cave, Cataluña, Spain as well as a couple of 8a+'s, La mare del Tano and Flix flax (Terradets).
I was under the impression the cave was closed, hmm... Source
Not to be outdone, the French team has been tearing it down in the Basque: Caroline Ciavaldini onsighted an 8b at Lezaia, Rémi Bergasse onsighted three 8b's in one day, Sylvain Millet onsighted an 8b/+ and redpointed a few 8c's. The list goes on here...
Photo: Johanna Ernst after winning the Arco RockMaster, by Björn Pohl.
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