8B+ FA by Nalle in Norway?

by Björn Pohl - UKC May/2010
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One week ago, Nalle Hukkataival embarked on a roadtrip to Norway. The weather forecast looked grim to say the least, predicting heavy rain every day in the Trondheim area. This didn't put him off however, and apparently, and as usual I suppose, the forecast was not entirely correct, because today I got a report:

"Rumour has it Nalle Hukkataival has sent the Diamanten project at Vingsand, giving it a grade of 8B+. This means it should be the hardest problem in Norway. Vingsand is a newly discovered area in Norway about 10 hours from the capital, Oslo. It's located in Tr√łndelag, and is a popular destination for the Oslo climbers, even though they have to drive 10 hours for it!"

I'll try to get in touch with Nalle, to find out more and hopefully get a photo or two. Photo: I found this on Meningsloshetens galleri. I don't know who Pablo is or what he's climbing, but it looks nice!

Nalle in Norway, 184 kb
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This has been read 5,403 times