Prophesies come true

by Björn Pohl - UKC Aug/2010
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Just thought I should confirm things went according to (my) plan.

As predicted, Paul Robinson made the second ascent of Fred Nicole's Monkey wedding, 8C, commenting on 27 crags, "climbing Monkey Wedding was a huge mental and physical struggle for me. I feel like it marks my second hardest send I have ever completed [after his own Lucid dreaming] and I'm beyond psyched to have the second ascent on one of Fred Nicole's hardest lines in the world. Props to Fred on an amazing first ascent!".

Paul Robinson on Monkey wedding, 8C
© Alexandra Kahn

And at Deverland, taking advantage of cool temps in the morning, Sean McColl made the 7th ascent of Alex Chabot's PuntX, ~9a.

Source: Nice climb,

Sean McColl on PuntX, 9a
© Pierre Délas
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This has been read 5,476 times