Oliana action [update]

by Björn Pohl - UKC Dec/2010
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This year's Cataluņa season hasn't lived up to the high expectations. At least not yet. Sure, we've seen the odd 9a and 8c+ ascent, but it's been nothing like last year. Perhaps things are about to change however.

We haven't heard much from Mr Sharma lately, but now it's seems the giant has awaken. The other day, he made the FA of Power inverter, 9a+, at Oliana.

Not far from there and at roughly the same time, Austrian Jakob Schubert repeated Markus Bock's Duele la realidad, 8c+, and Dani Andrada made the 2nd ascent of Ramonet's extended version, which weighs in around 9a. The difference is quite significant. Markus' version is sub 20 m while Ramon's is around 50. According to Dani, it's an ~8c/+ into another ~8c/+.

Jakob Schubert
© Jakob Schubert

Source: 8a

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This has been read 4,903 times