Chris Savage Climbs True North - F8c

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor May/2011
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Bristol based climber Chris Savage has climbed True North (F8c) at Kilnsey in Yorkshire.

The steep limestone sport route is considered a 'stamina' route, with continuously difficult climbing, but no stand-out crux moves.

Chris Savage high above the Yorkshire Dales, on True North, Kilnsey North Buttress (F8c), 152 kbChris Savage high above the Yorkshire Dales, on True North, Kilnsey North Buttress (F8c)
© Jack Geldard

Chris climbed the route on the 10th of May, taking six days of effort.

"...I'm really pleased to send my first 8c in the North." commented Chris.

Chris, who made the first ascent of two unrepeated F8c routes down in Cheddar Gorge, compared True North to his own routes:

"When I graded the two 8cs that I did in Cheddar (Death Star and Bristol's Got Talent) I wasn't sure about the grade as I hadn't done any other 8cs in the UK, only in Spain. But to me True North felt easier that these two routes - so think I got the grades right but hope that someone might come and repeat them soon..."

Chris has been on an extended holiday in Yorkshire from Bristol, staying nearby to the Yorkshire Dales with his family to explore limestone sport climbing in the area.

Chris Savage attempting True North at Kilnsey (F8c), 221 kbChris Savage attempting True North at Kilnsey (F8c)
© Jack Geldard

He described his days of effort:
"I nearly got it on the Sunday but came off the last hard move, then had a bleeding finger and then there just wasn't enough breeze. Then it all came together: taped up the finger, a gentle breeze and the baby was asleep..."

Chris has some time left in Yorskhire and we wish him and his family a great holiday and the best of luck on any other redpoints. Well done Chris!

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Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor, May 2011 © Jack Geldard

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