VIDEO: Rocklands - Nalle on Oliphant's Dawn, 8B+

by Björn Pohl - UKC Aug/2012
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Nalle Hukkataival on Oliphant's dawn, ~8B+, Rocklands, 68 kbNalle Hukkataival on Oliphant's dawn, ~8B+, Rocklands
© Clément Perotti (video still)

The 6th and last edition of Clement Perotti's Rocklands Post is packed with action, including Nalle Hukkataival's long awaited 2nd ascent of Fred Nicole's Oliphant's dawn

The video features:

-Røyksopp, 8A Flash
-Gliding through waves like dolphins, 8A first go
-Black Shadow, 8A+
-Brown Shadow, 8A
-The flying Burito Brothers, 8B FA
-Peahi, 8A+ FA
-Oliphant's Dawn, 8B+ first repeat

Rocklands Week 6
© Clement Perotti (Screen shot from video)

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This has been read 9,393 times