VIDEO: Fabian Buhl - first ascent of Santoku, ~8B+

by Björn Pohl - UKC Feb/2013
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Fabian Buhl on Santoku, ~8B+, Bodio, Switzerland, 78 kb
Fabian Buhl on Santoku, ~8B+, Bodio, Switzerland
© Fabian Buhl

Fabian Buhl has made the first ascent of Santoku, ~8B+, at Bodio in Ticino, Switzerland.

After repeating The Dagger, ~8B+, last month, Fabian told me about a project he was working, but he asked me not to say anything about it. This is the project he has now done.

I asked him about the name, how long it took him to do and about how difficult he thinks it is:

The boulder has a really sharp arĂȘte, so I named it after my favorite cooking knife, which is a Japanese shape! It s called "Santoku" [三徳包丁] which means the three virtues, or three uses, for meat, fish and vegetables!

I worked it with a friend of mine, whom I really want to thank for building the landing, for about 5 days!

Regarding the difficulty it's around the same as The Dagger [~8B+], but longer and future repeats will establish the correct grade, I am really not sure but it felt hard!

Fabian Buhl is sponsored by: Marmot and La Sportiva

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This has been read 4,864 times