2nd ascent of Delirium, 8C, by Woods

by Björn Pohl - UKC Sep/2013
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Daniel Woods on The Wheel of Wolvo, ~8C, Lincoln Lake, Mt Evans, CO, 110 kb
Daniel Woods on The Wheel of Wolvo, ~8C, Lincoln Lake, Mt Evans, CO
© Daniel Woods' Instagram

Daniel Woods has made the second ascent of Jimmy Webb's Delirium, ~8C, at Lincoln Lake, Mt Evans, CO

Delirium links a powerful and technical ~8B+, into Dismantling the enemy, ~8A+, to produce a long and powerful ~8C.

Previously, Daniel has also repeated Jimmy's original finish to the ~8B+, The wheel of Wolvo, which also weighs in around 8C, although slightly easier.

In his 8a-scorecard, Daniel comments: This line is the power 8C. Definitely a completely new line than wheel of Wolvo. Everything about it is different including moves, style, and mental approach. For me hard 8B+ intro into hard 8A+.

Just realized Daniel has now collected three wheels this year. Where he will find the fourth remains to be seen. Maybe he'll have to go back to the Hollow Mountain Cave and try Alex Megos' Wheelchair. That's kind of a life cycle that: Life, Chaos, Wolvo, Wheelchair...

Recently, Daniel has been mixing high altitude bouldering with sport climbing at Rifle, where he has been able to finsih up Bad girls club, 9a, Wacka Flacka Flame, 8c+, and Planet X, 8b+. According to him This approach keeps things interesting and turns you into a machine.

Daniel Woods is sponsored by: Sanuk, The North Face, La Sportiva, Petzl, Organic, Native, Nicros and Life Sport

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This has been read 3,509 times