VIDEO: Anam Cara, ~8B+, by Fabian Buhl

by Björn Pohl - UKC Oct/2013
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Fabian Buhl has repeated Bernd Zangerl's Anam Cara, ~8B+, at Silvretta, Austria.

The 22 year old from Oberstaufen in the southern most part of Germany took advantage of good conditions just before winter arrives making climbing here at 2000m above se level impossible for many months.

he describes the problem as:

Sharp, powerful and short! It's a real boulder and I liked it a lot!

Earlier this year, Fabian broke his ankle but it has healed really well partly thanks to hiking a lot due to bad weather during the 1,5 months he spent in Colorado with Jimmy Webb & Co.

Next month Fabian will be part of the La Sportiva Sardinia Bloc Scouting, meaning he will be joining people like Nalle Hukkataival, Andy Gullsten, Michele Caminati and several more to go boulder hunting in the Gallura region on the north part of the island.

Fabian Buhl is sponsored by: Climb On, La Sportiva and Organic

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This has been read 3,886 times