CWIF Report 2014

by Duncan Campbell - UKC Mar/2014
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The CWIF 2014 Qualifiers, 170 kbThe CWIF 2014 Qualifiers
© Dom Worrall

The 2014 Climbing Works International Festival (CWIF) was once again a great success, as always attracting a number of international superstars from the competition climbing circuit. In addition to these superstars, many amateur climbers attended the event to pit themselves against their heroes, making the CWIF one of the largest event on the UK's competition calendar.

The event was destined to be a success from the start with all 350 places disappearing in just two and a half days, showing the reputation that the CWIF has built up over the years. In attendance were much of the Junior and Senior GB Bouldering Teams and a number of International wads. International competitiors included; Alex Megos (GER), Tito Caleyron (FRA), Gabri Moroni (ITA), Sabine Bacher (AUT), Melissa La Neve (FRA) and Mina Markovic (SLO) to name but a few.

The competition followed the same format as it has in previous years with the qualifying round, consisting of 30 problems, being held on Saturday the 15th, with the semi-finals and finals being held on Sunday the 16th. 

This year's qualifying round was the scene of a CWIF first - both Alex Megos and Stewart Watson achieving the perfect score by topping all 30 problems on their first try. In the women's field Shauna Coxsey qualified in first with a respectable score of 244. Competition was particularly close to get into the Men's semis with no score below 266 achieving a place. For those who didn't make it through to the semi-finals chances for glory were not lost - there was still the prize for best fancy dress, though again competition was fierce. 

Where's Wally? Tim Hill entering into the fancy dress spirit, 135 kbWhere's Wally? Tim Hill entering into the fancy dress spirit
© Rob Greenwood - UKC

The semi-finals started at 12 o'clock on Sunday, and the women put on a good show with Sabine Bacher qualifying for the final's in first place, by topping all four problems. Shauna was a close second, followed by Chloe Caulier, Mina Markovic, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk and Rebecca Stotz. 

The men's semi-final was as fiercely fought as the qualifiers, with the top five men topping all four problems. The order of qualification was; Rustam Gelmanov, Alex Megos, Tito Caleyron, Gabri Moroni, Marco Angarita, with Britain's Stewart Watson also making it into the final with three tops.

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk climbing to 3rd place in the women's final - CWIF 2014, 177 kbMina Leslie-Wujastyk climbing to 3rd place in the women's final - CWIF 2014
© Paul Phillips - UKC
Russian Rustam Gelmanov in the CWIF men's final - CWIF 2014, 83 kbRussian Rustam Gelmanov in the CWIF men's final - CWIF 2014
© Rob Greenwood - UKC

The women's final saw a close battle between Shauna Coxsey and Mina Markovic, though Shauna just beat the Slovenian who then came 2nd, with Mina Leslie-Wujastyk coming in 3rd place. 

Below you can watch a video of Shauna competing:

In the men's final however, it was all to play for with no clear winner going in. However, Tito Caleyron put in an exceptional effort to take first place, whilst Alex Megos came in just behind in second and Gabriele Moroni finishing in third.

Shauna retained her title for another year - CWIF 2014, 159 kbShauna retained her title for another year - CWIF 2014
© Dom Worrall
Tito Caleyron winning the men's competition - CWIF 2014, 147 kbTito Caleyron winning the men's competition - CWIF 2014
© Dom Worrall

However, the CWIF isn't just about the competition, with the event raising a lot of money for charities such as Climbers Against Cancer. John Ellison, founder of CAC donated £10,000 to the Christie Charity.

Graeme Alderson with the signed CAC volume to be auctioned on ebay - CWIF 2014
© Rob Greenwood - UKC

You can view more photos and video footage including a re-watch of the semi-finals and finals in HD and read a more detailed report on the Climbing Works Website

The Climbing Works International Festival is supported by: adidas, Axis Holds, Berghaus, Scarpa and Volx Holds

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