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Kendal Mountain Festival Trailer 2019

The trailer for the 2019 Kendal Mountain Festival has been released. 'Open Out' follows a young female protagonist as she experiences the festival for the first time. The short video communicates the key themes of culture and inclusion, which are at the heart of this year's event.

Kendal Mountain Festival Director, Jacqui Scott says: 'We believe the 'mountain' isn't defined by immense peaks and glaciers but rather wherever you can connect with the spirit of the outdoors. 'Open Out' perfectly illustrates our desire to nurture a sense of adventure across the generations. We want to open the outdoors and encourage both children and adults alike to embrace experiencing it for themselves.'

Kendal Mountain Festival  © KMF
Kendal Mountain Festival 2019

Kendal Mountain Festival (14th-17th November) is an award-winning event that has grown in size and diversity over the last 19 years. It is also the main social event for outdoor enthusiasts in the UK. Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts plus media industry specialists, athletes, top brands & equipment manufacturers, artists, photographers, adventurers, explorers and inspirational speakers gather every year to share adventures and celebrate the very best in outdoor and adventure sports culture.

Visit the festival's website.

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