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love climbing, love trad, getting used to sport. Was always a long route dude, and avoided single pitch stuff if I could, but as 95 of my 120 new routes are sadly single pitch (due to location restrictions rather than choice), I am getting used to single pitch stuff now. But how I hanker for 15 pitches...


Best Climbing Experience
1. Getting my parents to climb
2. Knowing that several of my ex-students are qualified instructors now
3. Watching my students take their first lead climbs
4. Spending 6 weeks in Yosemite in 2003
5. Going back and doing Epinephrine (Red Rocks) my way (properly) in 2007

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Interests Outside Climbing
Lotus Flower (Canada)
Screaming Yellow Zonkers (Smith)
Stoner's Highway (Yosemite)
Harding Icefield combined with a sea kayak finish into Homer
Want to drive from the UAE through the middle east ticking off all the climbing spots and finish when I hit Europe. Would love to explore the Rub Al Khali (empty quarter) on camel (this I admit would require me using a guide).
This winter am heading to South America for some mountaineering.
Want to paddle from east coast of Canada to west coast of Canada - and over winter somewhere where I can ski.

Get more new routes done, find new partners to get more new routes done faster, paddling, road biking (mtn biking when I can), skiing and ski mtneering and touring, rafting, wanting to learn how to surf.

About My Photography
would like to be better

Anything Else We Should Know
In 2011 I hitch hiked solo from the east of Canada to the west - absolutely the best adventure I've ever had. Ski mountaineered up Mt Blanc. Did the Haute Route. Taken clients up to summit Mt Rainier, and 3 separate school groups up Kili. Have at long last passed my MIA, so with my winter ML already taken care of years ago, I can put some attention back into my winter stuff and go for my MIC training. But I can also now focus on building up my paddling quali's to where they should be.

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