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Been climbing now for 45+ years.
I always prefer Trad., but will cross to the dark side for Sports or [ as a last resort, which is all too often is in the UK ] to a climbing wall.
Lead 6a / perhaps 6b indoors.
E1 Trad lead, but I have led, and seconded harder in the past.
Involved in several new routes in Spain.
Competent & confident in what I can and cannot do. Though I say so myself, I'm very good at teaching trad skills to this current generation that only seem to know where climbing walls are - placing gear, safe belays etc. Hopefully various partners would back up that claim [Those that are still alive to do so, LOL]
Scouse by birth, lived in Wigan [by choice] for the last 30 years.
Happily married with one grown child who emigrated to Liverpool.
Well travelled, cyclist, motorcyclist, old, fat and bald.
I LOVE climbing - it is THE most absorbing sport I've ever done.
I tend to pick up some litter each time I'm out, as a means of paying it forward. [Smug b*stard I know!] Despite that, I try not to take myself too seriously, I am old enough to know that I have opinions that are just that - opinions, not definitive statements that are unassailable.
Nico Nazi - I really dislike anyone smoking at a crag. It affects everyone around and is truly antisocial. We're all there for a good day out, so don't be so bloody selfish. In return I promise I'll try not to fart on you.
FYI - My photo is me, many years ago, soloing "Something Better Change" at The Roaches. I don't solo much, and I'm VERY unlikely to solo that these days.


Best Climbing Experience
In the UK - Probably Dream of White Horses any of the several times I've done it.
In Europe - Tom and I climbing Via UBSA on the Penon D'Ifach
Elsewhere - just the sheer pleasure of climbing at Joshua Tree

Favourite Climbing-Related Discussion Topic
None - get out and just DO it

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Interests Outside Climbing
Travel. Snoozing. Talking b*llocks about politics. Motorcycling. Trying to lose weight so my climbing gets back to where it has been. Sex [naaah, scratch that, I'm past it at 58, LOL]

Photo Gallery

Rowland Edwards leading the ground up first ascent. Photo courtesy of Mark Edwards

Rowland Edwards leading the ground up first ascent. Photo courtesy of Mark Edwards
© Leofallon

Chris Witter swallowed by the Hobbit Hole

Chris Witter swallowed by the Hobbit Hole
© Leofallon


© Leofallon

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