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North Wales, England
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I found climbing when I was fourteen and instantly became a climber. I grew up in Shropshire, England and learnt to climb on the soft sandstone of Nesscliffe. From the beginning, I knew that being on a rock face was how I wanted to be challenged: unlike anything I had done before, climbing was an individual challenge that tested me physically and mentally, and there was a consequence to getting it wrong. Having spent much of my adolescence escaping to the crag for bold adventures, it was inevitable that climbing would be part of my life as an adult. I've now been climbing for around seventeen years, in which time climbing has developed from a hobby into a lifestyle. I've made my home among the mountains in North Wales, where I work as an instructor and a coach. My climbing takes me from local boulders to American big walls and everything in between. I enjoy sport, trad, and bouldering and consider myself a bit of an all-rounder, but mostly I try to find my limit on the end of a rope. Now I bring my experience and my curiosity for climbing to my work at Strong Mind, where we  provide mental training for climbers. For me, the lifelong journey of mastering climbing continues both on the rock and in my work exploring the psychological side of our sport.

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