Kilian Jornet - How Do I Train (again and again)

Kilian Jornet started training the day he was born. The mountains were his playground and without realizing it he created his own training philosophy that is based on repeating, trying and failing.
Now Kilian trains outdoors seven days a week with a clear mantra: ?€?If you don?€?t have pleasure when you train, you will never improve.?€?

8 Jul, 2018

Someone's been getting that ready during the day! :-)

Glad you noticed! Slaving away at a hot computer when i should've been out in the hills...

8 Jul, 2018

Think he started at 6am, not 7am as per article, otherwise that would have been 2 hours off the record!

Well spotted, thanks


8 Jul, 2018

In this heat? Blimey. The man's a machine. 

Good effort.

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