Neil Gresham talks about Sherpa Adventure Gear Clothing

Here is a video of Neil Gresham talking about various products from the Sherpa Adventure Gear range.

Sherpa say: Just before Christmas 2013 Neil Gresham had a quick trip out to Rodellar in Northern Spain to finish off one of his projects. Whilst out there he put together this short film about some of the great Sherpa clothing he uses on these types of climbing trips..."

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20 Jan, 2014
I know he has to make a living and they pay for him to live a cool life, but these adverts are so totally unconvincing they put me off buying this stuff. We all know the Sherpa clothing didn't help him to "perform at his best" and complete the route. I can see him cringing, poor guy. The thing that got him up the routes is dedication, training and big arms. He might as well have been wearing Aldi Specials.
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