Orrin Coley - 8B+ First Ascent at Forest Rock

"After over 2 years of working, figuring out the beta, training, making progress, falling, falling again, falling even more I finally finished the big traverse project at Forest Rock."

Start way back in the cave as for Cracked Up then keep going left and finish up Sorceress.

30 May, 2017
"a massive bicycle into a huge rose" I must be getting old. What?
30 May, 2017
bicycle - clamp hold between top of one toe and bottom of the other. Rose - see 30 seconds in the video
30 May, 2017
I might be getting old too, but he didn't finish the traverse?!
30 May, 2017
Nice one Orrin I'm sure this has been done before though - just not reported. I think this has on old aid route in the ceiling. I remember seeing Nick Bullock zipping about all over the place. I'm sure Ned Feehally spent time down there also. Brilliant venue. There are loads of little hidden gems around Leicestershire - check out some of Robin Richmonds routes at the Brand.
31 May, 2017
The exposer is too great for us lads
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