Starting Blocs - Fontainebleau

11 Dec, 2015
I wish climbing videos would stop displaying the act of chalking up as something poetic and classy (ooooh, look, it's flying in the air like snow!), especially when they're geared towards beginners or relative beginners (at least this one shows three seconds of brushing). And dipping your hands up to the wrist is utterly useless and counterproductive. Other than that it's pleasant and a welcome change from most videos (though I would hardly call the ├╝ber classics Duroxmanie and La Voie Michaud "slightly lesser known problems" :) ) P.S.: It's Roche aux Sabots, not Rocher Sabots
11 Dec, 2015
Brilliant video, some beautifully framed shots in there. Also nice to see routes that aren't at the very hardest grades getting appreciated, to me they look much more natural and graceful lines than most of the super difficult stuff.
12 Dec, 2015
Lovely little film really captured the beauty of the place
14 Dec, 2015
The gite has been booked for Easter, and watching this great little film has got me psyched out of my tiny mind! Nicely shot, the beginning reminded me that Cuisiniere is one of the best spots on the planet.
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