Wild Lines: Fontainebleau

Three of the strongest climbers in the U.K, Dave Barrans, Matt Cousins and Nathan Phillips head to the magical bouldering forest of Fontainebleau in France. Their mission? Take on some of the hardest boulders in the forest, push each other to the limits and eat lots of cheese. Simple.

8 Jan, 2018
Great film. That arete that Nathan does at 7:50ish is incredibly impressive. He seems to have gone beyond friction into something closer to witchcraft.
8 Jan, 2018
Too much talking and not enough climbing in my very humble opinion. I found myself zooming on past the bits where they say how fun and awesome each other are! The climbing is very impressive though.
9 Jan, 2018
Very cool film and interesting to see them all climbing together. I found it really interesting where they were discussing each other's climbing abilities. The interesting narrative is what distinguishes it from other bouldering vids IMO.
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