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Meiringen Boulder World Cup 2019 Women's Final ft. Oceana Mackenzie
Ep. 2: Meiringen Boulder World Cup 2019 Men's Final ft. Jamie Cassidy
Ep. 3: An Interview with Adam Ondra
Ep. 4: Behind the Scenes of IFSC Events ft. Charlie Boscoe & Mike Langley
Ep. 5: How to Become a Pro Climbing Photographer, with Eddie Fowke
An Interview with Staša Gejo
Ep. 7: An Interview with Stefano Ghisolfi
Ep. 9: An Interview with Kyra Condie
Episode 10: An Interview with Campbell Harrison
Ep. 11: An Interview with Top Routesetter Tonde Katiyo
Ep. 12: An Interview with Will Bosi
Ep. 13: Series Highlights and Olympic Predictions

Semi Finals

IFSC World Cup Villars 2021 | Lead Finals

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