Climb de Rock 2 - Bermuda DWS by Wee Davie

The second Climb de Rock Bermuda video- filmed in 2010/11.

DWS (Deep Water Solo'ing) is rock climbing using water as protection from falls- instead of ropes.

This video features mostly new DWS routes across the grades.

Shot with Canon G9 and Go Pro HD Hero by Davie Crawford and Grant Farquhar.

Edited on iMovie by Davie Crawford.

6 Jun, 2011
6 Jun, 2011
Great stuff - especially the "in association with beer and mopeds" although hopefully not in that order.
6 Jun, 2011
Outstanding! (Hi Grant - ghostly voice from the ancient past)
6 Jun, 2011
Ta for the compliments. Here's a link to the Bermuda wiki if anyone fancies a look
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