Slate Experience - Marmot PROs Steve McClure and Leah Crane

Nice one Leah... <3 slate.
31 Oct, 2014
I've just purchased several tickets for films and lectures at Kendal but now realise I won't be able to stay on Saturday night for the Steve McClure lecture (6pm to 7.30pm on Sat 22nd) If anyone wants to make me a reasonable offer I have 2 tickets (full price £12.50 each) for this event. Send me a direct email to arrange. Dave
31 Oct, 2014
How refreshing, Leah's honesty is inspiring. One of the best vids for a while.
31 Oct, 2014
Really enjoyed that. I'd always assumed it was always abject punters like myself who were scared of falling so it's nice to hear it affects those climbing harder grades too. If, in your head, falling isn't an option, then it does put a ceiling on your climbing that's sometimes frustrating.
1 Nov, 2014
Excellent video.
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