La Sportiva's Mountaineering Boots First Look

A look at La Sportiva's range of mountaineering boots for 2024, including the brand new G-Tech and G-Summit.

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24 Jan

I just had my first trip with the G-techs, so incredibly light yet believe or not the warmest boots I've ever had. Not sure how durable will be compared to my Nepal Cubes, which are bombproof, but so far so good. The BOA system is a game changer. I was holding a G-tech on one hand a Scarpa Rebel Ice comp boot, and there is not much of a difference in weight. But the power strap is not great for thin ankles like mine, I wish it was wider.

I've heard really good things about the G Tech.

John (McKenna) currently has a pair of the G Summit which he's testing out in Scotland and it'll be interesting to hear how he gets on with those.

24 Jan

I know it's all a bit relative, and fit related to an extent, but can you rank them in warmth compared to any other boots you've used in recent years? Reports elsewhere suggested they might not to be very warm at all and I was starting to lean towards the Summit, even with the slightly sub-optimal optional inner boot. Having been with others using their app controlled heated socks that has to be the answer with really light boots, even if a bit extravagant.

24 Jan

How is the fit overall, compared, say, to your Nepal Cubes? I have neither thin ankles nor slim feet, but like the idea of a warm(ish) boot that's almost half the weight of my old Phantoms. Haven't found anywhere nearby that has any to try, though

24 Jan

This is really hard to answer as I haven't tried them in Scotland yet. However I had a couple of weeks in them in Europe, some days very cold in the Dolomites. I though they were warmer than any other boot I've owned (Nepals, Trango Ice, Trango Tower and Cube's). I've always had cold feet whilst climbing, even with my Spantiks, for me it's then how to manage to get the blood back in at belays. I found with the G-techs the moment you get to the belay and release the BOA my feet were toasty as in a few minutes. I think the high gaiter also adds a lot of warmth too. I own a pair of Lenz heated socks which I use with the Cubes, which I had with me but I didn't need to use. So they actually rank at the top for me, for now anyways. But as said, I only had about 12 days climbing in them, so not enough. But I absolutely love them.

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