The Other Side

The Other Side is a short film that sensitively deals with the raw pain of losing a child to suicide and the strength it takes to move beyond that, to the other side, and to build something positive out of the grief.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for under 35s in the UK. It’s an alarming fact that’s still not talked about enough. In December 2018, Andy Airey received a call that forced him to confront the reality of young suicide. His daughter Sophie had sent messages that suggested she wanted to end her life and she had since gone missing. Awaiting news a few days later, his worst fears were confirmed; Sophie’s body had been found.

Shot in the Lake District fells, a place both he and his daughter loved and somewhere he now finds solace, the film features Andy talking about memories of Sophie, about the tragic circumstances of her death, and detailing his inspiring decision to take her place in the Northumberland Half Marathon shortly after she died in order to raise money for PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide, a national charity.

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