The Dirty Dozen Challenge at Brimham

Mari sets herself the goal of flashing The Dirty Dozen Challenge and producing a top-quality joke at every route.

11 Nov, 2020

Superb and the climbing is good too! 😉

Can't believe how easy Mari makes Giggling look! Bog Crack is always a tough one as well. If anyone has already completed the "dirty dozen" I've added a "dirty dozen more" to the UKC ticklist page for 12 more full body struggles ✋✊💪

12 Nov, 2020

You have got to love the infectious psyche running through this video....more please

12 Nov, 2020
I was thinking the same. Pete really does have the luck of the devil. Not only because she’s rather lovely, but more because he’s found a missus who is just as enthusiastic as he is at throwing herself at things which are obviously going to hurt!
12 Nov, 2020

Her jokes are truly awful though! :)

12 Nov, 2020
yeah but thats part of the psyche... i mean hell I quite often sing really badly when I’m nervous...
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