The Last Forgotten Art - Crack Climbing in the UK

Is crack climbing the last forgotten art? Perhaps there are certain artistic aspects when learning how to contort yourself, on rock so steep you are practically upside down in cracks that are perfectly sized to take a hand jam, in rock that’s so sharp it’s like climbing a sharp, pebble-dashed crevice.

In ‘The Last Forgotten Art’, the film places emphasis on a different style of climbing that requires a certain amount of creativity to climb them, focusing on the fringes of the climbing community drawn to all things wide at its heart. From hand sized splitters, chicken wings to wedged knees, and whole body wriggles, the film follows crack afonciados Mel, Vicky and Steve in their pursuit of climbing slightly more unusual, so called ‘off-width climbs’ found at Ramshaw Rocks in the Peak District. Ranging from ‘VS’ to E4, the climbs not only require brute strength and mental fortitude, but a sense of play and tough skin to succeed in tackling some of the roughest, maddest, widest cracks in town.

‘The Last Forgotten Art’ is a film directed and produced by award winning filmmaker Jessie Leong, about finding connection to oneself, connection to nature, and the special connection from the bond formed through sharing a rope.

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