Women's Trad Festival 2019

The Women's Trad Festival is a female-focused trad climbing festival based in the Peak District. Bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor climbing. All abilities, ages, and genders welcomed. This short video gives a taste of the fun that was had, the learning that took place and the strong, supportive community that is fast forming around this annual event. Also showcased here, are the three core values that underpin Women's Trad Festival: Mental Wellbeing, Sustainability, and Accessibility.

30 Sep, 2019

A lovely video!


30 Sep, 2019

It's a nice video (if a little twee), and I support (and have attended) the WTF.

Did Sharp End Films have permission to fly a drone over Stanage Edge in August? Because that seems to be explicitly verboten according to the peak district national park authority.

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