Curbar Edge

Climbs 573 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 330m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
An edge with a fierce and well-deserved reputation as a tough task master. The routes are generally hard, intimidating and strenuous and this not a place for climbers who like their sport to be elegant, dainty and air-conditioned. Many of the routes feature steep crack climbing and the lack of such features in the nation's climbing walls is part of the reason these feel so damn hard. Hauling up a 45-degree overhanging wall, liberally covered in bolt-ons, is not much use when the only available hold is a parallel crack slightly wider than your fist. However it is not just the cracks that are hard here, by some quirk of nature most of the other routes tend to be in the upper reaches of their respective grades and a soft-touch on Curbar is a rare find indeed. So why on earth would anyone want to come and climb here? Well, like many great challenges, the meaner the task appears at first, the greater the sense of satisfaction when you overcome it. The Ôchallenges' on Curbar are as fine as any on grit and the likes of Peapod, L'Horla, Elder Crack, Right Eliminate, Moon Walk and Profit of Doom are an essential part of any gritstone climber's aspirations.

Access notes
Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Froggatt to Black Rocks (2010), Peak District : Climbing (2008), Peak SE Pokketz (2007), Eastern Grit (2006), On Peak Rock (2003), Peak Climbs - Froggatt (1991),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Peak Gritstone East (2001), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 1 (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
3Natural ForcesV4 6b *
4Angular CrackVS 4c
5Scum PastyE3 6a
6Beech ButtressHS 4b
7Beech Buttress DirectE1 5a
8Don't Slip NowE5 6a *
9Thought CactusHVS 5b
10Beech GullyM *
11SundayE1 5b *
12AmethystVS 4c *
13Purple QuartzHS 4b
14Campion GrooveS 4a
15Campion WallVS 4c *
16Campion Wall DirectE1 5c *
17Campion OverhangHS 4b
18Power FailureE1 5c
19Storms of Biblical ProportionsHVS 5b
20GroansVS 5a
22Smiling JennyHS 4b
23VonV5 6b
24DiveHS 4b
25Port WineVS 4c
26Mad EraVS 4c
27Pillar SlabVD 4a *
28LeftismHS 5a
29Dave's Unremarkable ArêteHS 5a
31Happy Slapper FlakeD
32Happy SlapperV0 5b
33Happy HouseE1 6a *
34Short ButtressVS 5a
35Short ChimneyHVD 4a
36Short CrackS 4b
37Blue HawaiiE3 6b *
38Green AcresHVS 5b *
39Short SlabHVS 5a *
40Short MeasureD
42Black Silk on White SatinHS 4c
43The ArêteS 4b
44The Art of White Hat WearingV8 6c ***
45Jimmy HatV10 7a
46Beech LaybackVS 4c *
47Hanging CrackVS 4b
48Be Somebody or be Somebody's FoolV7 6b **
49SuckerV5 6b
50Boa CrackVD
51Black Eye BachE1 5c
52Reynard's CrackHVD 4a
53The WelcomeE2 5c
54Heron WallD
56Hey Mr Tangerine Man, Peel Your Pips for MeE2 5b
57NervosaE4 6a
58ThinVS 4c *
59Slack CrackVD *
60The LineHVS 5a **
61Oak Tree GrooveVD
62Dancin' FoolE5 6a
63C.B. VariantS 3c
64Love of LifeE2 5c
65The EgotistE3 5c
66Triple-Bum-DropE5 6a *
67Demolition ChimneyS 4a
69Twilight CrackVS 4c *
70Noon WallHS 4b
71Shooting the BreezeE2 5c
72Artists OnlyHVS 5c
73CrepuscularHS 4b
74Deadbay CornerVS 4b
75Deadbay Groove DirectE3 6a **
76Deadbay GrooveE1 5b *
77Deadbay CrackE1 5b **
78HomicideE3 5c
79Deadbay ClimbHVS 5a
81BatteredVS 5a
82CrumbleHVS 4c
83Sed's CrackHVS
84Three Point TurnHVS 5a *
85Rumble WallVS 4c
86Rumble GrooveHVD
87RollerballE3 5c
88Death on a StickHVD
89Boots in the WoodsE3 6a
91King of CrookriseE3 6a *
92Fissure BoysenV3 6a
93Cioch Left-HandHVS 5b *
94Flea CircusE2 5c *
95The Flea Bite FinishE3 5c
96Cioch VariationsE1 5c *
97Cioch CrackVS 4c **
98Cioch WallS 4a *
99The Bear HunterE1 5b **
100Duggie's DilemmaVS 4c
101Big FridayV9 7a ***
102LithuaniaE2 5c
103Tree WallHVS 5a **
104Heather WallVS 4c *
105Staring at the Rude BoysE1 5b *
106Wall EndVS 4c
107Wall CornerS 4b
108HopperV1 5b
109Shere KhanVS 4c
110MowgliHS 4b
112Left ArêteV0- 4c
113Crispy RoofV1 5c
114Cioch Top Boulders AV0- 4b
115Cioch Top Boulders BV0- 4c
116Cioch Top Boulders CV0- 4b
117Cioch Top Boulders DV0- 4c
118Cioch Top Boulders EV0- 4a
119Mister SpockV1 5b
120UhuruV1 5c
121SuluV0- 4b
124Petit Jesu *f6C+ **
125Downhill GardnerV7 6c *
126Button MoonV2 5c *
127UTI ArêteVS 4c
128Black Nix WallE1 5c *
129Mastiff WallVS 4c *
130Camel TicksE3 6b *
131Rat ScabiesE3 6b *
132Bulldog CrackHVD 4a *
133Last LightV5 6b
134John's ArêteE1 5c *
135John's Arête Right-HandV3 6a *
137Derwent Groove VariationVD 4a
138Derwent GrooveS 4a *
139Cool MoonE7 6c ***
140Moon WalkE4 6a ***
141Moon CrackE5 6b ***
142Crack and SlabE6 6c *
143Moon MadnessE7 6c *
144Sorrell's SorrowHVS 5a **
145Mr SofteeE1 6a *
146The End of the AffairE8 6c ***
147Amphitheatre CrackHVD *
148Gladiator ButtressHS 4b
149Hidden PleasuresE3 6a *
150Twin CrackHS 4b
151Straight CrackVD
152Ulysses or BustE5 6b ***
153The Unreachable StarE2 6a **
154Dog-Leg CrackS 4b *
155The Dog's HoleV3 6a
157Wee-WobV0+ 5b
158The Start of the AffairV4 6b
159Left EliminetteV2 5c
160Right EliminetteV2 5c
161Incipient CracksV3 6a
162ScroteV0- 5a
163Middle TV3 6a *
165Left ArêteV0- 4c
166Reachy WallV5 6b
167Trench FlakesV3 6a *
168RingwormV2 6a
169Trench HoleV0+ 5b
170Pigeon ArêteV3 6a
171Cloud Cuckoo LandV7 6c **
172Clouded Judgementf7A+ **
173CirrusV0 5a
174Sparrow ArêteV1 5b
175GeckomaniaE6 6b *
176Dirty SanchezE1 5c *
177JackassHVS 5b
178Glad TidingsHVS 5a
180Quite LiterallyE1 5b
181Steeper than it LooksS 4a
182Andy Pollitts JacketE3 5c *
183Landlord's OutE3 6a
184Buckle's SisterHVD 4a *
185Buckle's BrotherHVS 4c *
186Buckle's CrackHVS 4c *
187SoyuzE2 5c **
188Soyuz DirectE2 5c
189Dark EntriesE4 6a **
190Forbidden PlanetE4 6b **
191ApolloE2 5c ***
192Two Pitch RouteVS 5a **
193MiaE4 6b *
194The League of GentlemanE6 6b *
195The Beer HunterE3 6a **
196Two BeersVS 5a *
197Zoot RouteE2 6b *
199The Arse of JapanV8 6c
200Art of JapanV4 6b **
201Combat les PelliculesHVS 5c
202For the Good of the CauseE4 6b *
203The Big RockerVS 4c
204Rocky Horror ShowE6 6b *
205Body TorqueE3 5c *
206The Vegas YearsE1 5b *
207Hunka Burnin' LoveE1 5b
209Don't Fall NowHS 4c
210The BrainVS 4c **
211MensaE6 6b **
212Brain VariationsE2 5c
213Early Morning DayE1 6b
214Oblongata/Amphitheatre ChimneyHS 4b
215Postman's SlapE5 6a *
216Birthday CrackVS 4c **
217Bringing Back the RatioE1 5c
218Not Another ChimneyHVD 4a
221Walls Have EarsE2 6c
222King of the SwingersE5 6c *
223King LouisE6 6c *
224Diet of WormsE4 5c **
225SlackersE6 6b **
226Birthday GrooveE1 5c *
227AfterbirthE1 5c *
228One Up AgainE1 5c
229PhaethonVS 5a
230Five at the MostE4 6b
231Flake CrackHS 4b
232Not One of UsE3 5c
233HumdrumE1 5a
235The MaskE1 6b *
236Foaming jugHVS 5b *
237White Noise F.M.E2 6a *
238Brogue RaiderV5 6b
239Gordon Brown SuperheroV1 5a
240Corner MountV0 5a
241CrowbarV1 5b
242Bruno MindhornV7 6c **
243Break Out the TrumpetsV6 6b *
244The JugVS 5a
245Toilet CornerVD
246A Day Like TodayHS 4b
247Clarks' ButtressS 4b
248Dan DareVS 4b
249Dawson's CrackVD
252PotE2 6a
253BlackHVS 5b
254TanHVS 5b
255Hold'in it up PedestalHS 4b
256Overtaking on the OutsideS 4a
257Overtaking on the InsideS 4a
258Overtaker's ButtressHVS 5b *
259Overtaker's DirectE2 5c *
260SnorterE4 6b *
261White LinesE6 6c ***
262Free WayE5 6b **
263IlliostomyVS 4b
265Gone to PotE1 5c *
266Mad HatterE2 5c **
267Potter's WallHS 4b **
268Circus of DinosaursHVS 5b
269Grooved ArêteVS 4c
271Soul SearchingE1 5c
272Right Triplet GullyVD *
273LifeseekerE4 6b *
274Stretch ArmstrongE6 6b *
275Instant KarmaE4 6b *
276FidgetE2 6b *
277Six Syllables or LessV5 6b
278Rise of the RobotsHVS 5c *
279Yorkshire PuddingV2 5c
281The Sheep PitV4 6b
282Mark of RespectE4 6b *
283V Shaped GrooveHVD 4a
284Short CircuitHS 4b
285Diddlum WallHVS 5a *
286Diddlum Wall DirectE1 5b *
287Honest JohnHVS 5a *
288Honest PaulHVS 5b
289Knacker ManVS 4b
290VixenHVS 5b
291Little LaybackS 4a
292HuskE3 6c
293Mirror ImageVS 4c
294The ScoopE2 5b *
295Scoop CrackHVS 5a
296Allen's CrackVD
297CrucifixE1 6a
298LamebrainE1 5b **
299Suspect IntellectHVS 5a *
300Allen's ClimbHD *
302I Bet He Drinks Carling Black LabelE6 6c *
303Squint StartHVS 5a
304Tube of Foster'sE4 6a
305Carton's and CurpetsE4 6b
306Smoke ont' WatterE1 6a **
307Smoke ont' Water StartV3 6a
308Talon ManV3 6a **
309Talon Man DynoV6 6b **
310Baron's DirectV3 6a
311Baron's WallVS 5b *
312BizE1 5b
314Amnesia ArêteE3 6a
315BlockheadVS 4c
316Sweet Gene VincentHVS 5c *
317SaddyE2 5c **
318Wall ClimbVS 5a **
319Top SecretE1 5c *
320Calver ChimneyD
321ColossusE2 5b *
322Vaguely GreatE1 5c *
323Calver WallVS 5a **
324Brindle CrackHS 4b *
325Block below Brindle CrackV1 5c
326Polar CrackHS 4b *
327Arctic NoseHS 4b
328Matt BlackD
330The WallE1 6a
331BetwixtE1 5a *
332The CornerHVS 5b
333Eyes Bigger than T'ledgesE4 6a *
334Flying ButtressS 4a *
335Flying Buttress RightS 4a *
336U.F.O.VS 4a
337O.F.UHS 4c
339By GeorgeE3 6b *
340Culture ShockE1 5c *
341Confidence TrickE2 5c *
342LitreageHVS 5c
343Ling WallVS 5c
344Ling CrackHS 4c
345ZebedeeE2 5b
346IncestuousE2 6a *
347Loads a Wee BeastiesE3 6a
348Cardinal's Backbone IIE3 5c *
349SuperhandsE7 6b **
350EdgetarianE4 5b **
351VainE3 5b **
352Problem CornerM
353Stepped WallM
354Problem ArêteM
357Inch FlakesD
358Inch CrackVS 4b
359Little InnominateVS 5a *
360LeptonE3 6b *
361AmyS 4b
362One Inch Arête *VB 4a
364RapidE1 5c
365KayakE1 5b **
366Finger DistanceE3 6b **
367El Vino CollapsoE5 6a
368CanoeE2 5c *
369StopperE4 6a
370White WaterE6 6c *
371Done Years AgoE3 6b *
372No Pads for Glory *E1 5b
373NeatV2 5c
374Curbar CornerV1 5b ***
375Little StifferV2 6a
376Jamie and His Magic TorchV8 6c **
378Million Dollar BashE6 6b *
379Portrait of a LegendE4 6b *
380Avalanche WallHVS 5a ***
381One Step BeyondE6 6b ***
382Doctor DolittleE10 7a **
383Slab and CrackE7 6c ***
384Owl's ArêteHS 4c *
385Owl's CrackVS 4c
386Little ChefE5 6b *
387PredatorE2 5c *
388Argosy CrackVS 4c *
390P.M.C.1HS 4a ***
391The FallE6 6b **
392Profit of DoomE4 6b ***
393Rigid DigitE5 6b **
394RamboidV8 6c
395JanusE6 6b ***
396Elder StatesmanXS 7b *
397Elder CrackE2 5b ***
398Appointment with FearE5 6a *
399Born SlippyE8 6c **
400Knockin' on Heaven's DoorE9 6c ***
401Keeper's CrackHS 4b *
402Bill and BenE4 6b *
403The AdolescentE3 6a *
404Long NeckE1 5b
405The ToddlerE1 5b
406Peter RabbitHVS 4c *
407Slab RouteS 4a *
408Pretty FriendVS 4b
409Bel AmiVS 4b **
411NeshE1 5b *
412Green CrackHVS 5b ***
413Phone the Hallamshire/Minor 3E5 6b *
414UsurperE4 6a ***
415LardmasterE3 6a *
416Spray ManeV8 7a
417Sean's ArêteV8 6c **
418MoonshineE5 6b ***
419EclipseE6 6b *
420MaupassantHVS 5a ***
421L'HorlaE1 5b ***
422InsanityE2 5c ***
423CommittedE6 6b **
425Tin DrumE5 6b *
426Be Bop DeluxE5 6b *
427The ToyE1 5c **
428BokE5 6b
429PlaythingE2 5c *
430Pretty FaceE1 5b *
431October CrackHS 4b *
432Shallow ChimneyVD *
433Grey FaceVS 5a *
434Thirst for GloryE1 5b *
435Pale ComplexionVS 4c *
436Albino ArêteD
438TantalusVS 4b *
439Left EliminateE1 5c **
440The ZoneE9 6c *
441The PeapodHVS 5b ***
442Peas of MindE6 6a *
443The Shape of Things to ComeE6 6b **
444Right EliminateE3 5c ***
445LindenE6 6b ***
446The Grey AreaE8 7a **
447Happy HeartE8 7a *
448HurricaneE4 6a **
449ScroachE2 5c **
450HerculesE1 5a **
451StrapadifftomeE1 5c
452AlphaS 4a *
453A Lust AntHS 4a
454Twinkle ToesHS 4b
455The Severed GardenE3 6b
456The PugilistHS 4b
457CubismV0 5a
458The BoxerV0 5a
459Pinhead MoonstompE1 5b
461Chimney left of QuadriplegiaM
463QuadriplegiaE1 5b
464QuadrateE2 5b
465Quad CrackHVS 5a
466QuadrangleE3 5c *
467Walk on ByV11 7a ***
468By The ByE5 6a **
469Quarry ClimbS 4a
470Sketch CityE6 6b
471Old CodgerE3 6a
472Scrappy DoD
473Buy BuyV5 6b *
474Crack and FaceS 4a
475Crack and Face AVD
476Crack and Face BHS 4a
477Crack and Face CHD
478Aye for a LineVS 4c
479ButterflyHVS 5b
480For LingHVD
481Broken ZipVD
483Curved RibV0- 4a
484One Inch CrackV0- 4a
485The Letter LV0 5a
486Dressed ArêteV2 6a
487Dressed Arête Right-HandV1 5b
488Seams Simple EnoughV4 6a
489Flake ThinV2 5c
490Chimney CrackV0- 4c
491Ledge WallV0- 4b
492Thin FlakeV1 5b
493The SketchV1 5b
494Front CrackV0- 4a
495Front OnV0- 4b
496FishyV1 5b
497ChippyV2 6a
498Chippy DirectV3 6a
499Pamela's Promenade *VB 4a
500Bab's Bumble *VB 4a
502Late Start GullyHD
503Late Start Gully (Through Route)M
504CheekyS 4a
505NosyHS 4b *
506Nosy GullyM
507Rock and RollVS 4c
508RoadoverHVD *
509Rock OnVS 4b
510Little RockerHVD 4a
511The Phat ControllerV3 6a
512Thomas the Tanked up EngineE3 5c *
515Bore Hole WallV0 4b
516Bore Hole CrackV0- 4b
517Bore Hole TraverseV1 5b
518Side Wall ArêteV0 4c
519Side Wall CrackV0 4c
520Side Wall FlakeV1 5b *
521Side Wall SlotV2 6a *
522CracksideV2 6a
523Three Pocket WallV2 5c *
524Three Pocket Wall DynoV7 6b *
525Trackside ScoopV0- 5a *
526StrawberriesV4 6b *
527Track CrackV0 5a
528Play HardV9 6c *
529Work HardV12 7a ***
530Crack 'n' PocketsV5 6b
531Pocket EliminateV7 6b **
532TracksideV6 6b ***
533SidetrackV7 6b *
534TrackingV9 6c **
535Tracking HighV3 6a
536Trackside TraverseV1 5b
538Not a Jerry TraverseV8 6c **
539Not a Problem for JerryV5 6b *
542Sourdoughf6C **
543Bread and Circusesf7A ***
544Half Bakedf6A+
546Foccaccia in the Ryef6B
547Oh Crumbs!f6B+
548Pan Rusticf6A+
549Milk Rollf5
553The Chorleywood Processf6A+
554Brown and Outf7A
556Eh AndreV6 6b
557Eh Andre (With Arête)V4 6a
558Crescent Slab ArêteV0 5a
559Dan's WallV6 6b *
560Cresent SlabV1 5c
561DiagonalV0- 4b
562Crescent Slab TraverseV3 6a
564The Short ArêteV2 5c
565Gorilla OffwidthV1 5c
566HurricaneV9 7a *
567JihadV8 6c *
568Early DoorsV7 6b *
569Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***
570Extended WarfareV6 6b ***
571Original WarfareV7 6b ***
572De-extended Gorilla DoorsV8 6c **
573Humpin' Stand-StartV2 5c
574Humpin' Sit-StartV7 6b
575Viet Kongf7B ***
576Groovy WallV1 5c
577Veale ThingV2 5c *
578GustyV8 6c
579Baby BelleV9 6c
580The ScratcherV6 6c
581Fab ArêteV1 5b **
582Fab Arête (Left-hand Side)V2 5c **
583Jordan's WallV5 6b **
584Back SlabV2 6a
585Back ArêteV1 5b
586Dark WallV2 5c *
588Mini TraverseV3 6a
589Mini ArêteV0- 4b *
590Mini CrackV0 5a
591Mini ProwV0+ 5b **
593Bad Landing ArêteV1 5b
594Bad Landing GrooveV2 5c
595Late JunctionV8 6b **
596Le Musée ImaginaireV8 6c **
597Drop Your WeaponsV9 6c
598Bad LipV5 6b
599Huffy's RoofV10 7a
600DetoxV11 7a **
601Super Size MeV12 7a
603BurtV3 6a **
604ErnieV2 5c *
605Shy Wall DynoV5 6b *
607A Ramp in the WoodsE1 5b
608Pebbles and PocketsV6 6b ***
609Ben's WallV9 7a ***
610Great WhiteV9 6c ***
611Little WhiteV5 6b
612Ben's Wall TraverseV5 6b
613SquatV3 6a
614Kissing the PigV3 6a
616The Green MileV5 6b
617The Ultimate Gritstone ExperienceV5 6b
618Touch WinkyV8 6c
620Break A Leg *V2 6a ***
621Pilz (Mushroom Block) *V0+ 5a
622Champignon (Mushroom Block) *V1 5b
623Paddestoel (Mushroom Block) *V1 5b
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Bouldering grades need changing in line with the new Rockfax guide 2014 from font grades to V grades.
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