VIDEO: Hubers Speed Climbing El Cap

The Huberbuam
© Heinz Zack

On October 8th 2007 the Huber brothers, Alex and Thomas, climbed the Nose of El Capitan in 2 hours 45 minutes 45 seconds, breaking their own speed record set four days previously by over 3 minutes.

In this trailer for their 2006 film, Am Limit, the Huber brothers demonstrate how they climb so quickly.

You can read the news report and forum discussion about this latest achievement HERE

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10 Oct, 2007
Amazing stuff, but it just goes to show that like the rest of us these great athletes have bad hair days. A sponsorship deal with Head and Shoulders may be waiting in the wings........... Steve
10 Oct, 2007
10 Oct, 2007
Saw the film a few months back - technically very impressive but the brothers I though were depicted in rather a poor light in the film - made them seem really boring.
10 Oct, 2007
Anybody like to translate into english?
10 Oct, 2007
One is a down to earth family man, the other a god amongst men that takes his shirt of without prompting but especially when girls are near. And it is The Huberbaum, not Alex and Thomas, they are one! I did witness what is under those leather trousers once in Tuolumne. But sadly I didn't have my camera.
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