literature Trailblazing Mountaineering Women - Anne Lister and Ann Walker

Rebecca Batley profiles two trailblazing women in mountaineering: Anne Lister and Anne Walker. 188 years ago, Ann Walker - the wife of diarist Anne Lister, Halifax's infamous Gentleman Jack - sat down in the Alps and cried. She had been walking, climbing and riding all day. Ann felt nauseous, tired and her gown was ...

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Article On The Path to Recovery

Sheena Hussain shares her story of discovering mountains as a Muslim woman and 'cancer thriver'. My first real mountain encounter was in 2019. A friend and I embarked on a trip: one month spent in my ancestral land, Pakistan....

War in Ukraine Beyond the Front Lines, Ukrainian Mountaineer aids War Effort

One of Ukraine's most-celebrated mountaineers - currently seeking asylum in the UK - explains how climbing has helped with the tough choices forced upon him by the war. 'We can prepare for the mountains. In a war, you never know...

Article The Rise of the UK Paraclimbing Community

Paraclimber Jeantique Hommel writes about the development of paraclimbing in the UK, and shares resources for those wanting to get involved. Our community is also rapidly growing and changing. Over the last few years, there have been big changes...

Article History at a Height - Mountain Petroglyphs in Guyana

Alex Outhwaite visits a little-known petroglyph site on Barawatau Mountain, Guyana.

Interview Climb for Gold - Janja Garnbret, Olympic Champion

At a launch event in London for the release of the The Wall: Climb for Gold on Netflix UK, we spoke to...

Article Earth Day 2022: Climate Change and Mountains - The Latest Science

Earlier this year, the UN's climate change panel, the IPCC, released the second part...

Article An Environmental History of Mountain Recreation

Environmental historian Amanda Vestergaard outlines some of the key ways mountaineering, climbing,...

War in Ukraine The Ukrainian Mountain Assault Brigade Fighting on the Front Lines

War in Ukraine Ukrainian Climbing Brothers find Refuge in Prague

Article No Peace, No Climb - Ukrainians call for Russian Mountaineering Ban

Article Wellbeing Walks - Equipping Homeless People for Life

Article Cloggy - Black Cliffs and Silver Linings

Article Making Mountains out of Marine Drifters: How Plankton Shaped Peaks

Running Debbie Martin-Consani on her 2022 Montane Spine Race Win

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