Tokyo 2020 Behind the Scenes of Sport Climbing's Olympic Debut

Working behind the scenes of Sport Climbing's debut at Tokyo 2020 is a team of IFSC officials and local volunteers who are hoping to put on a good show on the world's biggest sporting stage. From routesetters to judges to belayers and brushers, the finest in climbing event organisation are currently in Tokyo battling the heat and humi...

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Article Never Say Never - Mistakes in the Mountains

What do you do when you're a qualified, established instructor and you make an error of judgement in the mountains that could have easily cost you your life? Sally Lisle looks at what happened, why she made the error,...

Article "Don't stop until you have to" – The first female Lakeland Classics round

The fifteen Lake District climbs from Ken Wilson's book 'Classic Rock' in one unbroken independent journey on foot. Done by Mandy Glanvill and Julie Carter, June 2021, in celebration of Mandy's 50th year of climbing...

Article To Be a Climbing Mum, or Not to Be?

Nutan Shinde-Pawar discusses the difficulties many parents - and especially women - with outdoor passions and careers face when deciding whether or not to start a family... I am worried about what motherhood means for my outdoor dreams. Would it mean...

Tokyo 2020 Tokyo 2020 Sport Climbing on the BBC - Broadcasting an Olympic Debut

Just as the 40 climbing athletes are preparing to compete on the world's...

Crag Notes A Local Haunt

Within this month's Crag Notes, Jane Blackbourn visits the lesser known bouldering area hidden within Sally in the Woods.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Outfits - Sport Climbing Style at Tokyo 2020

As we near the Tokyo 2020 Games, everyone's wondering "What will the climbers be wearing?" The...

diversity Diversity in Climbing - How You Can Help

GB Climbing Team coach and diversity programme developer Rachel Carr writes about the diversity problem in...

Interview Q&A with Bronwyn Hodgins on her Free Ascent of Golden Gate

Article Mind and Matter - Climbing and Body Image

Article Millican Dalton - The Professor of Adventure

Article Mountain Plants in the UK – Undervalued and Under Threat?

Rockfax Digital Deep Dives Rockfax Digital Deep Dives Part 1 - The Data Pipeline

Article Flying Dragons and Rolling Stones in the Mont Blanc Massif

conservation Ring Ouzels on the Eastern Edges

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