The World's Hardest Builder?

Last week we ran a fun video of Pirmin Bertle climbing an 8B 'builder problem' on a bridge at Fribourg, Switzerland.

Following that, a UKC user Holger dropped us a line to show us this interesting video (in German) about Thomas Willenberg and Wulf Schneider buildering in Berlin, Germany.

There is a strong history of urban climbing in Berlin. For more information check out this previous UKC Article about climbing on the Berlin Bunker.

Holger told us about the following video:

"At 2:42 min you will find a boulder called "FEINDESLIEBE" (EnemyLove) Font 8B+/8C, and in my opinion the hardest builder in the world."

Is this the hardest builder in the world? We have no idea. Do you?

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4 Dec, 2012
Great to see Willenberg is still climbing, what a monster!
4 Dec, 2012
42min heads up . Wish I'd read that because it is an awful film apart from that clip
4 Dec, 2012
good to see consistency though. The filming, the music and the climbing were all pish! ; )
4 Dec, 2012
Ignorant, it would seem, to all the politics surrounding this guy: I thought the film was quite enjoyable. (!)
4 Dec, 2012
The 'Rich Simpson' thing? Whats that all about?
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