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This is a two part quiz. The first part published today (26/12) was submitted by Mick Ward. The second part will be published tomorrow (27/12). There will be 100 questions in total. Email your answers (question number then the answer) to by midnight on Tuesday 2nd January.

  • First prize: A Grivel Helmet supplied by the Mountain Boot Company and a DMM 4cu cam donated by DMM
  • Second Prize: A pair of Evolv climbing shoes (the Defy or the Electra) supplied by Beyond Hope and a copy of Sport Climbing+ by Adrian Berry and Steve McClure supplied by Rockfax.
  • Third Prize: A six entry pass to Kendal Wall and a T-shirt
  • Mick Ward's Christmas Climbing Quiz

    Rules: No googles, no consulting guidebooks, no beta, no aid.

    1. What climbing poet made the grandiloquent claim, “I never knew that I could climb so hard for so long?”

    2. On what epic big wall FA did he fully validate his claim?

    3. What great climbing article resulted?

    4. On what mountain summit did the FA team have, “one crowded hour of glorious life?”

    5. What happened soon afterwards?

    6. What climbing bon viveur said, “Oh, f*ck no, he's done it!”?

    7. To which oft controversial climbing writer?

    8. On which route?

    9. Who slyly commented, “I always said you were the best climber to have come out of Yorkshire – but then, they're never any good, are they?”

    10. Who was the luckless recipient of this graceful encomium?

    11. Who said, “It'll go – but there's nothing – it's death!”?

    12. To which (then unclimbed) route was he referring?

    13. And what was his own best effort memorably entitled?

    14. Who, while soloing a long, hard route in the Dolomites, stopped to have a few precious sips of water, only to find (yup, you've guessed it!) that his mates had peed in his water bottle?

    15. What great English climber did the FA of the first E6 in Ireland?

    16. Which Irish climber seconded it and did the second ascent 17 years later?

    17. Of what great Welsh classic (now 5b!), was it originally claimed, “6b... will probably be 10 years before a second ascent?”

    18. And how long did it actually take for the fabled second ascent?

    19. By which climbing bon viveur?

    20. Who sagely noted, “It isn't a three move boulder problem: it's about pain and suffering?”

    21. To which groundbreaking route was he referring?

    22. Which UKC'er ruefully noted, “The moves are so easy – it's making them that's so hard?”

    23. To which rock type was he referring?

    24. Which infamous crag was fondly described this year on UKC as containing, “delightful technical climbing in a wooded dell.” (Echoes of Proust!)?

    25. And which UKC'er saw fit to grace us with this enchanting description?

    26. We all know who did the first ascent of Great Wall (err, don't we?) - but who did the second?

    27. Which great climber ('the Irish Joe Brown') did the second ascent of Pellagra (in big boots!)?

    28. Which belayer quipped, “If he falls off, I'll slow him down – and then jump after him?”

    29. And the leader was...?

    30. And the route...?

    31. Who made a strong attempt on this route, some 15 years before its groundbreaking ascent?

    32. Who said, “Ah, what the f*ck...?”

    33. To whom?

    34. What happened next?

    35. Who caustically noted, “A leader will emerge...?”

    36. On what Alpine epic?

    37. And the (entirely unexpected but impressively did the business) leader was...?

    38. Which guidebook writer gave the following sage advice to his second (on Poetry Pink), “Watch me – you might learn something!”?

    39. Which climbing philosopher achieved immortality as, “the Leaping Lad”?

    40. Which dark, towering precipice became his spiritual home?

    41. Who was cruelly described as being “like a puppet who's strings have been cut”?

    42. What UKC'er topped out on film this year to the stirring cry of, “Thank f*ck for that?”

    43. What happened to his route?

    44. Of what route was it written, “I had a dream, see, that I was falling upwards in a shaft of light?”

    45. Who wrote, “I hold the heights, I hold the heights I won?”

    46. What was unusual about him?

    47. Who, in 2005, did the FA of an 80 foot F8b roof, 14 years after he'd first tried it?

    48. Who was the first person to climb harder than F7c+?

    49. How much harder was his breakthrough route?

    50. On which classic might you find, 'the slab on the edge of all things'?

    51. Where would you find Spillikin Ridge?

    52. To which celebrated UKC'er, might the term 'Mount Ogwen' remind us?

    53. Which great Eng Lit critic did the FA of an Ogwen classic?

    54. Which other great Eng Lit critic inspired 'The Savage God'?

    55. To whom does the route title, 'Ragman's Trumpet' satirically refer?

    56. Of whom was it said, “Arrow climber, ______. Wall without end.”

    57. What had he done to deserve such extravagant praise?

    58. Of which route, was it claimed that, “without the aid, it wouldn't exist?”

    59. Who described a futuristic onsight solo (E6 or E7, before most of UKC were born) as “the turning of my soul?”

    60. Who, upon reaching the crux of a Hard Severe(!) turned to his belayer and cheerfully remarked, “You do realise that nobody on UKC can actually climb?"

    61. Who reputedly did the first ascent of this boulder problem?
    Me on The Villain V2, Bridestones, Yorks, 48 kb

    62. What is the name of this famous American bouldering area?
    Unknown American Climber on Serengeti, 121 kb

    63. This climber has some of the best photos at What is is his name and where was this photo taken from?
    [Missing photo!]

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