Factor Two - S2


In this second Factor Two podcast series, Wil Treasure continues to share stories from the climbing world through interviews with both well-known and lesser-known characters. In-depth, personal accounts that aren't read from a page on a variety of themes. Settle down with a cuppa and have a listen...

Factor Two - On and Off, A Headpointing Story

Prompted by Franco Cookson's article on headpointing recently, Wil Treasure shares a short bonus interview recorded in November 2017 with Tim Lowe...

Tim is a climber from Yorkshire with an enviable ticklist of routes, including the Yorkshire Triple Crown of The Groove, Urgent Action and Supercool - all 8a+. Over the years he's been a keen sport climber, but Tim also likes to stick his neck out on trad routes. Back in 1992 he took a huge fall on The Cad, an E6 on North Stack Wall at Gogarth. A little hungover and not warmed up, he lunged for a break and didn't quite make it.

He thought it was the end, but his belayer caught him. It put in Tim's mind the idea of "dropping a rope" down some of the more dangerous routes before going for the lead, resulting in broken bones at Ilkley in September 2017.

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