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gazhbo - on 01 Jul 2014
Anybody have any last minute inside knowledge of any 'pop up' campsites for Friday and Saturday night within a reasonable cycling distance of the route. Somewhere to park a Camper. Looking for something very basic and am expecting to pay way over the odds.

I know it's late and i should have organised things earlier but the prices for the some of the camp sites I looked at a few months ago were silly. We do have somewhere to stay Thursday night. I was banking on there being some farmers or even people with large gardens/fields looking to cash in on the tour.

Alternatively, if anybody has some useful info on places where it would be okay to park securely and without incurring the wrath of police/landowners it would be very much appreciated. Would prefer to pay though.

outdoorsperson on 01 Jul 2014
In reply to gazhbo:

I have a driveway in Glossop with electric hookup. Convenient if using the train to get to stage 1, a cycle ride away from stage 2 and if the weather is terrible there is a screening in the park across the road. Email me if interested!
cragtyke on 01 Jul 2014
In reply to gazhbo: plenty of sites on the map, easily rideable to holme moss, midhopestones, grenoside etc. I think there are spaces available at most.
Tall Clare - on 01 Jul 2014
In reply to gazhbo:

There's a site in my village doing pitches for £30/night if that's palatable? Just outside Skipton, so feasible to see both days of the tour. It's not the altogether fancier (and much more expensive!) site we discussed via email a while back... I have nowt to do with this one!

Here's the link:
gazhbo - on 01 Jul 2014
In reply to Tall Clare:

Thanks, Clare (and everybody else) £30 more than palatable. Will contact them.
Liam M - on 02 Jul 2014
In reply to gazhbo:

Have a look at the Sue Ryder website. There are a number of pop up sites that have announced themselves on there, with at least half the fees going to the charity.
Lord of Starkness - on 02 Jul 2014

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