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Information for the indoor climber. Questions and discussion about walls and training techniques.
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Hangboard twice a day - anyone try this? HakanTHakanT71,27724-Mar-21
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Blue Water climbing Climber2345Climber234571,33122-Mar-21
Beastmaker, how much difference does it make? timmyhobbytimmyhobby232,55421-Mar-21
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Deadhang failure - located in shoulder C WitterC Witter141,24219-Mar-21
Personal fitness plan, is it worth it? gobbledigookgobbledigook131,11419-Mar-21
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Home wall in an Asbestos shed brownie mikebrownie mike171,76514-Mar-21
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Building a climbing wall in my garden. MutleyMutley151,18905-Mar-21
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72 or 98 KesKes51,05104-Mar-21
outdoor/indoor climbing? MeshachMeshach132,49603-Mar-21
Home wall KesKes181,61203-Mar-21
Survey: Pregnancy&Postpartum Climbing Experience WCSWCS155802-Mar-21
Playing Guitar + Fingerboard GarethzaGarethza181,32328-Feb-21
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Advice on buying auto belays Doug RobinsonDoug Robinson482726-Feb-21
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Light - The Documentary ShaniShani1054,40907-Feb-21
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Building a board - limited space GeorgTGeorgT282,37202-Feb-21
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Accurate Dead Hang Timer Pete ScottPete Scott111,40427-Jan-21
Building a campus board for the public Tod.DITod.DI102,56626-Jan-21
Indoor Grip Training Exercises - What works best? DADAXYX#6707DADAXYX#6707-1,75826-Jan-21
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Beastmaker 1000 edge size and angle jeffmearnsjeffmearns81,79925-Jan-21
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