/ Lakeland Monster Miles Adventure Cross

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plyometrics - on 02 Jul 2018

Thinking of having a crack at this on my MTB as it appears to be an off road event that requires no (or little) technical ability, which suits me and means I can focus purely on trying to put a decent time in. 

My questions are, has anyone done it, is my assumption re non-technical route correct, is it any good as an event?

Any helpful feedback greatly appreciated!


jpicksley - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to plyometrics:

For what it's worth, I've done the Galloway Gallop a couple of times, which is by the same organisers. That's billed as a low technical route with something like 55% off-road and 45% on-road and I did it on a cyclo-cross bike. There were a few cyclo-cross bikes and quite a few mountain bikes. I guess more mountain bikes than cyclo-cross. In my opinion the cyclo-cross bike was the far better choice. A cyclo-cross bike is far better and faster than a mountain bike for tarmac and definitely no slower on the off-road sections as they weren't technical. I think you can trust the organisers when they say it's low technical. The only issue was that the cyclo-cross bikes seemed much more likely to puncture (I had 1 the first year and then 3 the second year). If I do it again I'll aim to go tubeless on the cyclo-cross and take a couple of inner tubes for emergencies. Otherwise, both times it's been well organised and worth doing. I'd do the Lakeland event if I lived anywhere near. Good luck and enjoy!

plyometrics - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to jpicksley:

Superb! Great feedback thanks. I only own an MTB so have no option on bike choice, but am more than happy with that. 

Really appreciate you taking the time to respond. 

Thank you. 

woppo - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to plyometrics:

did it 2 years ago on cross bike, lot of people on MTB's. goes through fantastic area of north lakes. non technical but save something for whinlatter at the end.

highly recommended.

Stuart en Écosse - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to plyometrics:

I've done a couple of their events including one in the Lakes which started and ended at Cartmell, can't remember the name of the event. Anyway, from what you describe it would be right up your street. One of the things I noticed was that on the smoother forest sections an tarmac the cross bike riders would fly past you, then you'd pass them fixing a puncture on the rougher sections. That's just the Lakes though, I did one in the North York Moors and the cross bikes were at more of an advantage. Hope you enjoy it.

plyometrics - on 10 Jul 2018
In reply to Stuart en Écosse and Woppo:

Thanks guys. More great feedback. It sounds right up my street the more I hear about. Will be getting my entry in! 

Much appreciated. 

Iain(2010) on 11 Jul 2018
In reply to plyometrics:

Did it last year for the first time and really enjoyed it. I do remember thinking "not another fu**ing hill" towards the end though! Think it was given a difficulty rating of 9/10 which was higher than other MTB events by the same people, I think that is linked to its strenuous nature rather than anything else.


plyometrics - on 11 Jul 2018
In reply to Iain(2010):

Cool thanks. I’m after the physical challenge rather than the technical, so the more hills the better!

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