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pepperpot - on 22 May 2012
After a 40 miler the other weekend, I’ve come to the conclusion that the P7 is in dire need of some TLC. So, the plan is to strip it, and get a new snazzy powder coat job done at some point. But the immediate jobs will be;

1) New crank bearing (wobbles like billio)
2) New crank set (2 of the three rings are worn)
3) New chain (terrible state)
4) New cassette (least said the better)
5) New pads front and back (wouldn’t stop a fart)

I have no idea of what’s good or not so advice would be greatly appreciated. Don’t want bargain basement because I’ll only end up breaking it. On the other hand I have a mortgage, a girlfriend with a handbag fetish, and a van to pay for so uber cash isn’t an option. So what I need is a few pointers to bits that are the unsung heros of the MTB world, the kind of bits that will get the approving nods from fellow bike geeks, for being the sensible options.
Frank4short - on 22 May 2012
In reply to pepperpot: Just buy shimano SLX and you won't go far wrong. Has most of the performance of the upper range Shimano stuff, though it is markedly heavier, and is considerably cheaper. In my opinion the lower end Sram stuff tends not to be worth the material it's made out of. If you replace the entire shimano chainset you will get a bottom bracket with it. The cost of this may be less than the combined cost of a BB and 2 decent replacement chainrings.
cousin nick on 22 May 2012
In reply to pepperpot:

This is where a good LBS comes in especially if you're already a customer. Go along, let them know what you need and, don't be shy, ask for a deal. A friend of mine was given an old Kona Explosif - LBS had an entire LX gruppo from a couple years earlier (but still brand new) - he bagged the lot, plus a few odds 'n sods for less than 200 squids.
jhw - on 22 May 2012
The Shimano SLX BB wears out pretty quickly though (mine took just under a year). If you want a real fire-and-forget BB, get a Hope one.
David Hooper - on 22 May 2012
In reply to pepperpot: i have a p7 and retrofitted an SLX crankset which has been a wonderful performer at a good price and looks nice. I did allow myself the luxury of a hope ceramic BB which I got for a very good price and it really is fit and forget.

Of course things are complicated by the new 2x10 setups which would mean new derailleur shifters etc,your choice.

Don't get hollowppin chain,not worth the weight saving I broke mine twice and went back to solid - no probs.

Are you looking for new pedals cos you cannot go far wrong with anything. From superstar components. I have the maglite ultrasound with ti axles,light as a feather,tough as old boots and very being - what's not to like.

Have fun buying and building.
highclimber - on 22 May 2012
In reply to pepperpot: I would ditch 9 speed in favour of either a 2x10 or even 1x10 if you have the legs! you should be able to find a few bargains on SingleTrackWorld for certain parts.
For things like Bottom Bracket and headset etc you cannot go much worse than Hope - their warranty (and customer service) is exemplary. you pay a bit more than it's (inferior in most instances) competitors but they do go the extra mile for when things go wrong, which isn't often!

Chains are much of a muchness really but David is right Hollowpins are made of toffee. Go for a KMC or SRAM (I found Shimano wore quicker than these).

What brakes have you got as a lot can be said for Hydraulic disc brakes (even the cheap ones are better than most mechanical brakes).
I would pay the premium to get Orange to do the respray as they can be a little bit funny with warranty if you get a third party to do it N.B. if the warranty is expired you won't go far wrong using a company called Argos (not the cheap catalogue shop on the high street!)

Happy building. I enjoyed every moment of building my P7 up and hope it will last me many years to come!

Steel is real, anything else is just an inferior matierial!
Enty - on 22 May 2012
In reply to pepperpot:

I owned a P7 for about 10 years. Every 2/3 years I'd take it over to Holywell Green and get it sprayed in ther latest colours. Back in the mid 90's they only used to charge me 50 quid - bet it's a bit more now ;-)

A word of warning though - when it finally died it had rusted from the inside out without me even knowing.

Frank4short - on 22 May 2012
In reply to pepperpot:

So the OP has said he's broke that he reckons he needs a new drivetrain and pads and at some stage when he gets round to it he'll probably get his frame resprayed.

So far -
Recommendations are to change to a 10 speed either 2 or 1 x10 drivetrain. Which would require additional shifters and dérailleurs.
To replace his brakes entirely. Which seems a bit drastic considering he only needs new pads.
To get some new pedals. Not sure where you even got that idea from Dave ;)
To replace his BB with a Hope one. Now i'm not saying there's anything wrong with Hope BBs, I'm all for replacing with quality fit and forget parts (I'm a Chris King man meself). Though this isn't exactly in keeping with his uber cash isn't an option statement.

Which brings me back to my original point just buy SLX, yes the BBs aren't the best but they're a third of the price of the Hope equivalent so if you only get a year out it that's fine as you'll probably not get more than 3 years out of the Hope one. Plus if you're careful it is perfectly possible to remove the seals off of the Shimano HT2 BBs and de and regrease them subsequently elongating their life further.

At present on CRC and SLX chainset plus BB is £110 versus £25 for the BB and about £20-45 each for the rings, depending on which ones they are. SLX level cassette, HG61, is £27. SLX level chain is about £18 though personally i'd pimp for an XTR one as they're only £7 more expensive and are fully zinc alloy coated which means they last better as they're more resistant to crap.

As to the brake pads personally I like the ashima ones, you probably won't go wrong going OEM either. Though both of these options are likely to be more expensive. If you want to save money just buy Superstar ones. Mostly they're fine, apparently, though there have been issues with them in the past. And if they do go wrong you'll get now back up service from them as, well, it's not exactly in their price or business model.

I'd personally reckon respraying your bike is a waste of money. MTBs are supposed to be ridden hard and beaten up and should wear their markings with pride. I'd also be suspect of any second hand bike I was buying that had been resprayed e.g. what was the owner trying to cover up.
pepperpot - on 22 May 2012
In reply to pepperpot:

Had a look at the 2x10 set up. It does look interesting, but I'm not sure the budget will stretch that far.

I think they used SLX gear on the 2011 P7 Pro, so it can't be that bad. I had actually thought of copying the spec as the P7 Pro set up but it would have to be the 2011 model because the 2012 has Race Face gear on which would make my wallet squeak!

Cheers for the advice though everyone. A bit of internet shopping is in order this evening I think!
David Hooper - on 22 May 2012
In reply to Frank4short: i kind of agree with frank about the patina of age. That a well used bike gets,when the anodising fades down to the metal with use etc.although a respray may not be necessary,don't forget you have a steel frame and keep any bare metal touched up.I have an area of rear stay that rubs to metal with my chunky 5.10s and I just slap one of the freebies stickers that come with MBR on now and again. I believe you can get something called helicopter tape for rub areas but I've never used it.

Oh and those pedals that frank slapped my wrist and said you didn't need

Go on Go on Go know you want to ;o)

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