/ yosemite accomodation.

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colina - on 16 Jul 2014

looking at hiring a motorbike from san fran and heading to Yosemite sightseeing two days .
2 things I want to do when im there is to check out el cap (of course) and take the hike up half dome.
looking at finding good accommodation near these iconic crags..
may not do the bike thing but hire a rv (van)instead so looking maybe for a comfortable motel/lodge/ to stay with the bike or a good place to park the rv and take in the ambience.thx
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sleavesley on 16 Jul 2014
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I've stayed here previously and booked in good time.

You don't say what time of year you are intending on going, but once in the park information can be easily obtained on the trails that are open etc.

It may be worthwhile looking at the hotels as well as a price comparison.
altirando - on 16 Jul 2014
In reply to sleavesley:

Yes all the accommodation is down in the valley. A tent cabin might be expensive for one person and you can still hear the bears wandering around outside - one tore open the door of a car one night to get at food left inside when I was there. I seem to remember some sort of hotel. There was a huge food eating hall. Half Dome is just an easy day walk from the carpark. El Cap a local stroll - neck craning look up. Another walk is to Glacier Point, no ice but a good view.

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