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adamre12 14 Jun 2019

I'm looking for recommendations of bouldering spots in northern Italy, specifically in the Varese/Como region. I'll be there for work for 3 weeks and need to find something not too far away. 

I've heard of Vall Di mello but it's a bit far for after work. 

Also would it be better to fly my pads out or hire when I'm there? 

Can anyone help me out?

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Dan1 14 Jun 2019
In reply to adamre12:

Assuming that you have access to a car then I'd suggest scrapping the idea of bouldering in Italy as traffic after work will seriously limit your options, also factor in that Como / Varese is blocked every day by Italian workers returning home from work in Switzerland so traffic is a real nightmare from 5pm onwards.

My advice would be to drive in the opposite direction North up through Switzerland to Cresciano, this way you are not fighting the traffic. Cresciano is approximately 55 minutes from Como.

adamre12 15 Jun 2019
In reply to Dan1:

Ok thanks for the advice, I didn't even consider traffic!

I'll see where I end up booking a hotel and hopefully I can make it closer to the blocs!

Is there nothing south at all (nearby)? 

I'll be working in a town called ispra on Lago Maggiore. 

haworthjim 15 Jun 2019
In reply to adamre12

Hope this helps Adam,


Went a few years back good climbing as well as the bouldering in the valley.

adamre12 19 Jun 2019
In reply to haworthjim:

That looks great! I'll definitely have to check it out, looks fairly close to where I'll be staying. Thank you!

haworthjim 20 Jun 2019
In reply to adamre12:

You're welcome, we were there during easter and spent the first week in Val Calanka before moving here. We stopped at the Camping Piccolo Paradiso and all the boulders are within walking distance (that were developed at the time but a lot more look to have been opened up since) . There wasn't a guide when we went but looks as if there is now https://www.pizbube.ch/produkt/3019835E97DAD903BB4814D9EED017F5#.XQvGJy3MzVo

I remember a 7a there that was one of the best I've ever done (but have gotten its name). 


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